Your Bold Profits Confidential Questions: Answered!

Last week, we published the first issue of Bold Profits Confidential: a new behind-the-scenes newsletter written by one of the fantastic members of our editorial team, Jaclyn Frakes-Jones.

If you haven’t read this outstanding newsletter yet, you can read it here.

Another mission behind Bold Profits Confidential is to build a community for our Strong Hands Nation.

A place where you can drive the conversation. Ask questions. Share your stories. Inspire each other. Have some fun with challenges, polls and competitions! Be the hero of your own story.

And so far, your response has been AWESOME!

After the newsletter came out, a few of you had some important questions. So, take it away, Jaclyn!

Our first question comes from Greg:

How often will the Bold Profits Confidential be published, and do we have to pay an additional fee to receive it?

Thanks for writing in, Greg!

To start, you’ll get Bold Profits Confidential quarterly. But if something important pops up, I won’t hesitate to send it to you! And it’s totally free! Consider it a bonus for being an amazing, loyal Bold Profits Daily reader.

We also have a question from Elie:

Love your BPC, Jaclyn! Are you going to recommend other coins to invest in?

Hi Elie! Good question.

Right now, bitcoin is part of Paul’s BUZZ recommendation. He and Ian are the true crypto kings here.

And I’ll make sure they keep you posted in your Bold Profits Daily on any new crypto insights or recommendations. Maybe even feature them in an upcoming issue.

I can tell you if anyone is looking for more crypto, Ian just launched a new trading service — Crypto Flash Trader.

Right now, he’s looking beyond bitcoin at these little-known altcoins. Ian and Paul say:

Certain altcoins can 2X, 3X, 5X, 10X and even 20X bitcoin when the momentum is strong enough.

So if you want to make real money in crypto … he’s your guy. Check out his full presentation for all the details.

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Your Bold Profits Team

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