Your America 2.0 Cheat Sheet!

Grabbing some things from the store, I noticed Paul’s #A20 (America 2.0) mega trends manifesting in real-time.

Let’s see if you’ve noticed it too.

Out of twenty checkout cashier lanes, only two registers were open.

Both had long waiting lines.

But fortunately, this retailer — like many stores today — gives customers a self-checkout option … an America 2.0 innovation.

america 2.0 target self checkout

And I noticed something interesting.

While checking out, I saw that the store recently TRIPLED the number of self-checkout kiosks.

Instead of five, there are now 15.

This is #A20 in action.

New innovations aiming to improve our daily lives for the better.

Paul coined the term “America 2.0” to describe a new economic and manufacturing boom that is being driven by a variety of next-generation technology, industrial upgrades and consumer trends.

This Fourth Industrial Revolution will remake the world we live in and the U.S. manufacturing sector.

As early Main Street investors of this era, that also adds up to investing $$$ … if you know how to pick the best America 2.0 stocks vs. America 1.0.

And today, I’m going to make sure you’re armed and ready for just that.

Don’t Miss the Greatest Tech Revolution in Modern History

The mega trends driving America 2.0 are creating a whole new-world economy that is leaving America 1.0 industries, manufacturers and traditional businesses behind.

Collectively, they add up to the greatest tech revolution in modern history — a new American manufacturing renaissance.

Paul reiterated his forward-looking innovation views with the investment team last week and I had to share:

Amber Lancaster tweet blockchain

I completely agree.

We are living during a notable time of innovative transition.

We are steadily implementing more America 2.0 technologies in an America 1.0 world. The evidence was right there at my local retailer.

Soon America 2.0 innovations will be dominant entities aiming to make our lives better, safer, faster, and more useful.

If you’re new to Bold Profits, here’s a snapshot of our America 2.0 mega trends:

bold Profits mega trends

And the list keeps growing as America 2.0’s reach expands!

We are #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive) on #A20 and #4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution) innovations.

Now, when investing in America 2.0 stocks, it’s not like stashing your money away in a savings account.

Investing in stocks and putting money in a savings account are very different things.

America 2.0 stocks do not equal savings account returns.

Stocks have volatile swings. They go up, and they go down.

Savings accounts have low but steady fixed returns.

We recommend stocks that aim for big gains over time. We’re talking a one-, three- or even five-year time frame.

And those who do invest with patience and ride the volatility holding on with Strong Hands stand to be victors.

Take Bryan from Utah.

He wrote us to share that he gained over $180,000 investing the America 2.0 way:

America 2.0 stock gains


And here’s how you can invest for America 2.0…

Your #A20 Cheat Sheet

If you’re new to investing and/or seeking to invest in stocks shaping our future, look no further than Bold Profits.

To get started, here are three simple steps to follow:

  1. Set up your #A20 portfolio the right way today. Before you begin your America 2.0 stock investing journey, make sure to follow our Rules of the Investing Game (#ROTG), which are:
    • Never make an all-in bet.
    • Equal weight your positions in your portfolio.
    • Build your positions over time. Meaning don’t dump your money in all at once. Rather put a little bit of money in over the course of a few weeks or a few months.
    • Take profits on the way up.america 2.0 checklist
    • Keep cash on the side.
  1. Buy into America 2.0 innovators. Before you buy another stock, read this and check off these essential boxes to build a stellar America 2.0 portfolio. It’s a three-point America 2.0 investing checklist to help you weed out the America 1.0 companies.
  2. Add shares of ARK Innovation ETF (NYSE: ARKK) to your portfolio. This exchange-traded fund (ETF) invests in stocks that are directly tied to the theme of disruptive innovation and America 2.0.

At Bold Profits, we have a bullish and optimistic view of the future of technology.

If you’re on board with this perspective, feel free to join us on this journey.

Every journey needs a guide, so to help you along, here’s some of the hashtags (#) Paul uses to describe our investing stance:

paul mampilly tweet

Try out one of our hashtags and tweet us!

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster
Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

Buy America 2.0 Stocks for “No-Brainer” Investing Moment

Our mission is to pick stocks that are changing the world … and can make our Strong Hands Nation money in the stock market.

To do that, you have to be bold. Courageous. You have to invest in disrupters.

We started five years ago.

And some say, “it’s too early,” or that’s “too obvious.” Let ‘em! We’re not going to miss out.

We have a vision, a strategy and America 2.0 in our corner.

Here’s what Paul has to say: “This is the biggest no-brainer moment for investing in our mega trends.”

Click here for the full story and start today.

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