Will 3D Printing Help U.S. Housing Shortage?

Many Americans traded their dream of a picket fence and a house for an affordable apartment.

Who can blame them?

Bidding wars, high prices, a housing shortage by more than three million homes?!

But here’s the opportunity the other guys aren’t seeing…

The New American Dream is being created thanks to America 2.0 technologies like 3D printing.

Watch today’s video to see how 3D-printing companies are disrupting the housing market and solving the shortage (and how you can get your hands on our 3D-printing stock recommendations today):

Soon, we can say “goodbye” to bidding wars and “hello” to affordable housing.

3D printing makes housing construction not only affordable, efficient and sustainable … but it’s only the beginning.

You know that we’ve been bullish on 3D-printing technology for years.

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Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited 

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