Why I’m Watching Meta’s Crash

I don’t usually do non-portfolio stock analysis, but sometimes you gotta break the rules.

Meta (FB) plummeted more than 25% in a single day.

Now, FB is not in our portfolio. But it showcases one of our mega trends: the metaverse.

And Meta has so much conviction in the metaverse — it’s going all in.

You know, I believe the metaverse is going to be HUGE.

It represents a human opportunity (like me spending time with my mom in India anytime I want).

And an investment opportunity.

We have exposure to the metaverse across our services.

Check out the details about how to get our stock pick for it and our other big mega trends here.

But if you want my opinion on whether Meta (FB) is a buy after its 25% drop … watch today’s Bold Profits Daily:


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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