Why AAPL is Going to ZERO… And 99 Other Blue Chip Stocks to Sell

You’ve seen it firsthand. Movies premiering on streaming devices, offices converted to virtual Zoom rooms, food (pretty much everything!) delivered right to your doorstep.

This was all possible because of America 2.0 technology.

Now, the America 1.0 is in BIG trouble. They don’t, can’t, won’t innovate to keep up with future forward companies in America 2.0.

They are the big blue chips you know.

Like Apple Inc (AAPL).

It won’t survive our transition into the new world. Ultimately, it’s destined for ZERO.

And it’s not the only one. We have a Blacklist of 100 blue chip stocks you should SELL today.

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America 1.0 Out — America 2.0 IN

Go big — or in our case BOLD — or go home. If you want the big gains, you can’t bank on the dinosaurs from America 1.0.

You have to invest in the new, game-changing, innovation, growth stocks being driven by America 2.0. See here:



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