“What’s the One Stock I Should Own?”

The answer is … It’s not just one!

We get this question every day. People looking for that one magic stock that can make them a fortune.

But the truth is: The best way you can make money in the stock market is by following the Rules of the Game and owning a handful of America 2.0 stocks.

Paul addressed this question on his newly revamped Facebook page with .

Check out his answer:

Paul Mampilly Facebook

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Take a Deeper Dive Into the America 2.0 Trends

This week’s articles all have one common theme — look deeper. By looking past the surface, you can find the America 2.0 opportunity across several industries:

  • BNPL: Fintech IPO Opportunity Before $99 Billion. There’s a rising new market in the fintech IPO world called BNPL — buy now, pay later. It’s one of the fastest-growing fintech trends among millennials and gen z, creating true staying power.
  • America 2.0 Hidden in 3 Headlines. Supply chain, chip shortages and regulatory pushback. If you peel back the layers beyond these headlines, you’ll find that these seemingly scary articles are actually pro-America 2.0!
  • The Great Car Transition — Ford to Tesla. From the ICE Ford Model T to the electric self-driving Tesla Model X, it’s the inevitable end of an era. Be sure to profit from it!


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