What Charles Says About Elections & Your Stocks

“3 Best Stocks to Buy for a Republican House.”

“What Midterm Election Results Could Mean for This Stock.”

“Stocks Fall as Democrats Over-Perform.”

Election day flooded my inbox with these kinds of headlines.

I asked Charles what he thought. His response: “IGNORE IT!” It’s all noise.

As “A-Team” Alpha Investors we look at facts, like this…

Since World War II, the stock market has gone up 100% of the time AFTER the midterms … with an average gain of 15.1%.

The truth is, when you focus on the business, it doesn’t matter which party has power.

If you buy quality businesses when they trade for attractive prices, it’s pretty hard NOT to make money.

And Charles will help you keep your focus.

If you’re not part of our Alpha Investor family — and looking for quality businesses to invest in — click here to join us now.

And keep reading for the Real Talk…

Live Long and Prosper,

Jay Goldberg

Jaclyn Frakes-Jones

Your Friendly Neighborhood Editor

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