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We’re not permabulls.

But we are #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive) on what we believe 100% will be a bull market for the history books.

And it looks like you are too!

Our twitter feed is on fire with positive messages from our incredible Bold Profits Nation!

Take a look at some from Paul Mampilly’s @MampillyGuru:

Thanks for writing in, JL and Alton!

We believe we are entering a recovery of historic proportions in America 2.0. And this week we showed you what Dow 100,000 looks like.

So we’ll keep the #BOP news and opportunities coming to you.

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Your #BOP Bold Profits Coverage

Here’s this week’s best of the best:

  • Get the New Class of America 2.0 Stocks. We are Americans. We snap back. We fight back. And that’s what we — and our economy — are doing. It’s why this will be the greatest recovery in our history.
  • Check out Amber’s Macro Monday: 5G Green Light for America 2.0 Profits. 5G is the gateway to the America 2.0 present and future. 5G tech will enable the revolution of connected cars, EVs and robotaxis for big players like Uber and Tesla by 2025. Let’s face it, this is where 5G really counts for us.
  • How to Invest Today in America 2.0 Real Estate. With VR technology, you don’t have to physically go anywhere to tour a new home. It’s more productive, more efficient and allows for a more thorough walk-through than actually going to a house.
  • 15 Stocks to SELL for a Strong America 2.0 Portfolio. You need to make the choice to weed out troubled America 1.0 companies. Amber’s identified 15 stocks that are likely to cut their dividends — a sign of a fading America 1.0 company.
  • Dow 100,000 is Coming! 4 America 2.0 Stocks to Buy First. Introducing our superstar, behind-the-scenes analyst Patrick Goodrich, who shares the Bold Profits case for Dow 100,000. This is how America 2.0 stocks will replace dated companies and launch the Dow Jones Industrial Average to 100,000.
  • Get the Semiconductor Stocks for the 2020 Market Rally. Stocks are rebounding in a big way, but not in the way many would have predicted.

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Your Bold Profits Team

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