TSLA Earnings + 2022 Price Target

If Tesla ONLY focused on its EVs (electric vehicles), it would still have incredible growth ahead.

But you know Tesla is not just an auto company.

The solar energy, battery and Powerwall sectors of Tesla are just the cherries on top of an America 2.0 powerhouse.

We recorded before earnings came out, but you can see if we hit the nail on the head with our TSLA forecast. Amber is going to tweet out snippets from her “earnings express.” And you can check our TSLA calls here.

There are still naysayers counting on Tesla to fall.

But, I say no way!

Paul said it best in one of his latest tweets:

I’m so #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive) on TSLA, I’m putting out a 2022 price target for the stock.

Catch up on all the action for Tesla, cannabis and bitcoin (new highs!) now:

Hey, Paul pounded the table to buy Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) at $50, predicting it would go to $1,000. It’s up 1,246% since he recommended it in 2018.

He’s kind of the expert when it comes to EVs.

Now, he found an incredible new EV buy.

It was discovered by “Employee No. 7…” You could call him the secret behind Tesla’s success … even one of the fathers of the electric vehicle revolution.

Get the details here.


Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer

Editor, Crypto Flash Trader

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