The Power of Having Strong Hands When Stock Volatility Hits


That’s how many new Strong Hands joined us this year.

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Well, here’s what it means to be a part of the growing Strong Hands Nation.

If you can withstand market volatility and focus on the strength of our mega trends, you hold your stocks with Strong Hands.

That’s how you’ll come out on top with the biggest gains.

If you’re struggling, just take a look at some comments from our Strong Hands Nation:

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Strong Hands and #BOP Market Opportunities

Here are some of this week’s best articles that center on our America 2.0 mega trends and expose you to the most outstanding investing innovations:

  • Buy Next Bitcoin Boom Before $115K! Bitcoin’s on a roll, but how high can it go? Well, we believe the sky’s the limit! We’re entering a prime point for bitcoin — not only as an investment, but as a way to buy actual things such as cars, homes and vacations!
  • Are You a Strong Hands Investor? In the last three months, we’ve welcomed a LOT of new members to the Strong Hands Nation! You joined us during this market roller coaster! Which is something that can test even our most seasoned Strong Hands.
  • 3D Printing the Space Race (New ETF to Buy). NASA recently announced that future lunar landers might come equipped with 3D-printed rocket engine parts. Every day, we’re getting closer and closer in the new space race. 3D printing is just the technology to tip the scales.
  • Blacklist HD: 3D Printing Is Coming for You. Look out Home Depot… America 2.0 is coming out on top! It’s taking us closer to our Dow 100K prediction and we’re going to make sure your portfolio is ready to rake in the profits.
  • Growth Stocks & Crypto: Make Money in the Market. We’re not seeing any signs of a top in crypto. That means there’s so much room for our favorite word — GROWTH!


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