The MOST Bullish Signs Now

Today’s HOT IanCast Topics:

🔥 Interest rates, inflation, fear … and yet, ARK Innovation ETF (NYSE: ARKK) inflows = the most bullish thing I’m seeing right now. (1:20)

🔥 Today’s market vs. the dot-com bubble — TEN growth stock + eight bitcoin mining stock examples. (13:34) 

🔥 What happened with the Luna crypto crash … from top 10 market cap to 215 in days! (25:26)  

This is a major moment in crypto and the stock market.

But not for the reasons you might have imagined.

Although the markets took a beating, there’s good news!

Low prices!

When the Federal Reserve pivots, I believe we’ll see crypto skyrocket.

I think it’ll happen in the same phases we saw after the COVID crash:

Growth rebounded, the indexes followed, then bitcoin, then altcoins.

Bottom line: Crypto is a major disruptor. And right now, there are a lot of signs pointing to a massive run-up. 

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Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer

Editor, Crypto Flash Trader

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