Tesla = Our Latest Strong Hands Winner! What’s Next?

Three incredible (mind-blowing — for some, not us) innovations… One common denominator.

Take a look:

It’s Tesla!

  1. Tesla’s Powerwall at work in Paul’s house by keeping his lights on when the power went out.
  2. Electric vehicles (EVs) dominating market share and continuing to outgrow gas-guzzlers.
  3. The Tesla Bot — a humanoid robot that Elon Musk recently announced.

By taking innovative steps into new energy, EVs and artificial intelligence, Tesla’s setting itself up to be a true America 2.0 leader.

And right now, Profits Unlimited subscribers know exactly how innovative Tesla is, with a 1,000% active gain in their model portfolio!

Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) is the first 1,000% winner for Profits Unlimited. And we’re not selling! With all the amazing things coming from the company, we’re holding on for more!

Bottom line: This is why it’s important to have Strong Hands.

We know the market has tested you. Some of you had a lot of spice to get off your chest last week. But with the spice, we also got SWEET!

Bold Profits Daily Reader Spotlight

Thank you, Stan! Celebrate the good. And…

Invest in the Future TODAY!

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Your Bold Profits Team

P.S. On Market Talk Paul’s going to give you his take on EVs, batteries and full autonomy … I mean, he’s been driving on autopilot in his Tesla for years! Tune in Monday at 1 p.m. ET for a new Bold Profits Daily!

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