Stock Market Winners in the Vaccine-Driven Recovery

Headlines on Friday said the resurgence of the virus is derailing the rebound in jobs growth…

But they also said that Goldman Sachs analysts see a new vaccine coming later this year.

The latter is what’s driving stocks right now, because everyone knows that the true economic recovery can only take place once we have a working vaccine.

When we do finally have one, it will send one group of overlooked stocks soaring. In today’s video, Ted tells you which “value-zone” stocks you should focus on for the biggest gains … and he’s got the charts to prove it.

Get Ready for What’s Coming Next

No doubt, there are still questions about the economy right now. And we can’t be certain exactly when a vaccine will come.

But a smart investor needs to position for what’s coming next.

Today you’ll also discover:

  • The real reason “the most crowded trade in the market” has been immune to virus headlines. (6:41-10:43)
  • Which types of “value-zone” stocks any smart investor should focus on right now to position themselves for big future gains. (10:43-13:37)
  • The most important market indicator that will tell us that this rally is entering a new phase, fueled by a sustainable economic recovery. (6:06-6:41)

As a side note: We don’t provide transcripts for our YouTube videos. Many of you have asked. However, if you would like to see subtitles, you do have that option. Click the “cc” button in the bottom-right corner of the video. The transcription won’t be perfect, but it should help.

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Good investing,

Angela Jirau

Publisher, The Bauman Letter

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