Secret to Record 1,718% Stock Gain is Investing in The Next Trend

You set the bar high … and broke a Bold Profits record!

We locked in our highest gain EVER — 1,718% in two years.

Take a minute and give yourself a pat on the back. Think about it.

There’s a lot of panic and fear in the market right now.

But when we told you the only thing we were seeing was the HUGE opportunity to profit from a historic bull market and incredible America 2.0 stocks, you stuck it out.

You held incredible Strong Hands right in the middle of this market madness!

This quadruple-digit gainer was from Paul’s Secret Portfolio.

This was a tremendous milestone and a true testament to the massive opportunity we see in all of our America 2.0 trends — across all of our services.

Of course, not every pick will win this big. But there’s always another opportunity right around the corner for the bold.

Make sure you don’t miss the next one. Click here to see how Paul picks some of his most exciting, speculative stocks on the market.

And congratulations!

We truly believe this is only the beginning for you in America 2.0.

Invest in the Next Record-Breaking Opportunity

Here are some of this week’s best strategies for investing beyond the current market madness and looking forward to America 2.0 innovations:

  • New 2021 TSLA Target: More Gains Ahead? Are you worried you missed the boat on Tesla? Even with the recent pullback, some of you could be sitting on 900% or more with the stock. And if you never got in, you might think it’s too late. Well, we’re announcing a new 2021 prediction for Tesla!
  • Invest YOUR Money … But How? You have a lot of options when you invest. And right now, there are a lot of opportunities out there for you. There are financial advisers, brokers, mutual funds…and then there’s us.
  • 3D Printing: Factories, Jobs, GAINS for Your Future. 3D printing’s factories of the future are creating so many new jobs, disrupting industries and opening the door for a ton of new investment opportunities for YOU.
  • 1 Buy Before Next 547% Gain in Genetics Testing. When the price for an in-demand tech product — like the whole genome sequencing test — drops this much, it’s the trigger for phenomenal gains…
  • Let’s Talk Tokens: New Cryptoverse Opportunity. These tokens are going to be big players in the crypto space in 2021 and beyond. One sector already experienced this shift with a mind-blowing $69 million sell.


Your Bold Profits Team

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