Recession Fears? Charles Has Your Back…

There seems to be no bottom in sight.

Stocks continue sliding lower — getting closer to bear market territory.

So, the big question on many investors’ minds is…

“Are we headed for a recession?”

And Alpha Investor founder Charles Mizrahi recently tackled it with our friend and colleague Paul Mampilly.

Charles and Paul have lived and invested through several recessions, crashes and bear markets.

They know holding during downturns isn’t easy. So, they cut straight to the chase on what the current market cycle means for your portfolio.

Check out the insights from these two Wall Street legends by clicking play below.

And then, read on to catch up on the rest of Charles’ Real Talk this week…


Lina Lee

Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk

Real Talk, Real Readers!

From Francois B.: Charles, thank you very much for your steady guidance during this volatility in the market and pressures in the economy. Please know that your teachings are finding the students of Alpha Investor and we are listening attentively!

Thank you again for your investment advice, teachings, opinions and podcasts. You are making a difference in our lives.

From Barjinder S.: Dear Mr. Mizrahi, I’ve only been a subscriber for a month. But the amount of knowledge and insights I’ve been getting from your newsletters is simply incredible.

The background and facts of companies, the realities of their potential to grow on top of the proven track records of their CEOs and the logical explanations are so knowledgeable and inspiring.

The amount of time, effort and money you spend in all this research and preparation of these videos and articles is amazing. It’s an unparalleled help for you to provide.

I have nothing but praise, and prayers for your health, your continuous support and guidance to the public. God has truly blessed you with this passion, which you live with every single day and so dearly distribute to the world.

All the best Charles. God bless you always.

From Elizabeth S.: I really enjoyed your insights about cryptos. I could never understand them, and I’m happy I never invested in them.

From Pfungwa N.: Well said, Mr. Mizrahi! Cryptos have always been worthless, only meriting a second look on the basis that they’re based on the “immutable algorithm of blockchain technology.”

Well, more bad news is coming on that front. Quantum computers will decipher that “immutable algorithm” within a matter of minutes. That, my friends, is not in the distant future. Thanks for not following the crowd.

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