Pick the Next America 2.0 Mega Trends

America 2.0 mega trend mania!

New energy … precision medicine … 3D printing … crypto. We covered it all this week.

We believe that investing in mega trends is the best way to bring in massive profits. And here’s why…

These mega trends are leading us into a new world. They will revolutionize everything as we know it. That means growth. And growth = gains.

Take a look at some you may have locked in so far:

  • New energy — 1,143% in three and a half years with an Extreme Fortunes
  • Precision medicine — 478% after three months in IPO Speculator.
  • 3D printing — currently an open gain of 262% in less than two years in Profits Unlimited.
  • Crypto — Three double-digit crypto gains since the launch of Crypto Flash Trader in July.

But what’s next?

On Paul’s website, the team has a detailed analysis of every mega trend you know and love. But always looking ahead, we’re on the hunt for more!

The team has been building excitement for all kinds of growing trends, like space, pot, the metaverse and the food revolution.

So, we want to hear from you: What America 2.0 mega trend do you want to know more about?

Buy Into Mega Trends Leading America 2.0

This week’s Bold Profits Daily lineup covers some of the fastest growing mega trends, and how YOU can invest NOW:

  • Buy Into New Energy’s Momentum NOW. Momentum is building behind alternative energies: Solar, electric vehicles (EVs), battery storage. We’re moving toward an America 2.0 new energy future.
  • Why Invest in Precision Medicine? Precision medicine is THE revolutionary mega trend that’s changing the world. It takes your personalized medical data and gives doctors the best look at your whole self.
  • 3D-Printing Stocks Are… poised to run higher with so many incredible innovations. Paul even calls them “under-owned and undervalued” right now. In fact, a huge 3D-printing battery technology breakthrough could transform EVs.
  • Better Buys Than AAPL. I know there are still some fans out there, but the way we see it: Apple (AAPL) = America 1.0. It’s also a “dog of the Dow.” Here’s a better place to invest your hard-earned dollars.
  • Crypto Mini-Crash & Your Bitcoin Holdings. Bitcoin became legal tender in El Salvador, then we had a mini crypto crash … what now? Stay #BOP and see how you can invest in America 2.0’s “parabolic move” in crypto.


Your Bold Profits Team

Editor’s Note: “New energy — 1,143% in three and a half years with an Extreme Fortunes stock.” And it’s not the only one…

This record-breaking gain (one of our best yet) was recently joined by 1,111% in a year and a half. Will you be IN when Paul’s next 1,000% gain hits?

He just issued a new biotech trade this week. Paul’s said time and time again he’s made some of the biggest gains of his career in biotech.

Let him help YOU have a chance at doing the same with his Extreme Fortunes recommendations — go here now for all the details.

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