Paul Mampilly Wants You to Hear This…

No. 1: We have the pitch-perfect strategy for the end of the globalization world.

We could already see this from the supply chain problems we were having as a result of the pandemic.

But the Ukraine-Russia event confirms it.

The only way forward is innovation … to grow through its adoption, use and implementation.

And this is exactly what we are set up to benefit from across our portfolios.

No. 2: Now is NOT the time to sell:

(Read the full thread here.)

It’s important to stay IN now more than ever. Our time is coming. Stay #BOP. Stay Strong Hands.

This Week You Can See…

  • 3 Bullish Signs for America 2.0 Stocks. The market continues to test your Strong Hands. Right now, there’s a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), especially with the rate hike forecasts. Please hold on if you can!
  • Home Depot (HD) Shows America 1.0 Cracks. America 1.0 is in trouble. Like the Home Depot (HD). The cracks are showing. But here’s the good news: America 2.0 growth stocks don’t have this problem. The Great Reversal is coming. See how.
  • Your America 2.0 Stock Profit Booster. Nothing has changed. Our stocks are doing exactly what we want: growing. And for the super bulls looking to use these dirt-cheap prices as a buy opportunity, here’s a strategy for you.
  • Market Outlook — Russia/Ukraine War. In my three-decades-long investing career, through market corrections, crashes, recessions, inflation, interest rate spikes — and yes, even wars — I can tell you that staying IN through these periods is when it absolutely matters the most.
  • Why You Don’t Want to Sell Too Early. We believe — like in 2020 — we’re going to see a surge of acceleration. Now is not the time to sell … this scenario is shifting in our favor for growth stocks and crypto.


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