Original Hemp Review

Original Hemp is a Florida-based CBD institution that is helping Americans level up on health and wellness. They offer top-grade products, which explain their good reputation.

Original Hemp uses first-rate formulas and technology to craft market-leading CBD products including gummies, tinctures, and capsules.

As more Americans turn away from drugs and focus on CBD products, it has necessitated the creation of high-flying CBD companies.

Original Hemp is up there as it carries out all the essential processes to ensure that its products are safe and of the greatest quality.

They are dedicated to educating customers on everything around cannabidiol through the Original Hemp University.

Important Things to Know

  • Original Hemp products are based on full-spectrum CBD. There are three main forms of CBD: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD denotes CBD that contains all the cannabinoids and natural compounds found in cannabidiol. It contains THC in low amounts. These compounds and cannabinoids work synergistically to boost the therapeutic effects of CBD. Products based on full-spectrum CBD are considered to have the greatest utility.
  • Their products are based on hemp-derived CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, exists in both the hemp and marijuana plant, but the CBD extracted from marijuana typically contains high levels of THC, which would put you in trouble with the law. Original Hemp uses hemp-derived CBD because it contains minuscule THC levels.
  • Original Hemp products are safe. When we talk about product safety, we have to evaluate the processing. Original Hemp products are processed in a GMP-certified facility and they undergo independent lab testing to ensure that they don’t contain any toxic elements.
  • Original Hemp Products won’t make you fail a drug test. If you are in a line of work where drug tests are common, you might have concerns about taking CBD. But Original Hemp products are safe, as they contain minuscule amounts of THC (less than 0.3%). Dishonest CBD sellers may put juicy adverts out there to trap you, and if you end up buying poorly processed CBD, there’s the risk of consuming toxic substances, and excessive THC, thus putting yourself at risk of legal trouble.
  • Original Hemp Products can’t make you high. In most offices across America, employees are expected to be sober, not high. THC is the chemical compound responsible for activating psychotropic effects. But you cannot get high by consuming Original Hemp products because the THC content is negligible. Thus, you can take their products no matter where you are.

What Original Hemp Offers:

Gummies: gummies are ingested orally, and even though the effects might delay, once the action sets in, it is prolonged. Original Hemp provides gummies for stress relief and increased energy.

Capsules: capsules are ingested orally. Original Hemp capsules are specially formulated and they consist of clinically researched ingredients. Capsules help you get the right dosage. Their capsules are specially made for promoting relaxation, stress relief, improved sleep, and boosting energy.

Tinctures: tinctures are ingested sublingually. Original Hemp tinctures are based on full-spectrum CBD and come in varying flavors including berry and vanilla.

Topicals: topical use of CBD involves applying CBD on the skin. It can help with relieving muscle soreness and also remedying skin disorders. Original Hemp roll-on and soothing cream allow you to ingest CBD via the pores on your skin.

Pros of Original Hemp

  • They care about educating their customers, through the Original Hemp University, and this enables customers to make the best decisions.
  • Their customers have nothing but great opinions about the company.
  • Their products undergo 3rd party lab testing and the lab reports are public.
  • Their products are heavily discounted.
  • Their products are based on hemp-derived CBD.
  • They use naturally-farmed hemp to promote product quality.

Cons of Original Hemp

  • Wordy website. Maybe it’s their commitment to providing as much information as they can, but too many words on the first page may overwhelm someone.


As more people turn to CBD to improve their physical and mental health, Original Hemp has risen to stand out as a trustworthy CBD company.

Their CBD is extracted from premium hemp strains, organically-farmed, and their products are 100% natural. They allow customers to have options.

Their gummies, topicals, and tinctures are doing very well in the market. Check them out.

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