On Sale! The “Buy Now” Sign for Stocks Couldn’t Be Clearer…

Without looking it up, how do you think the markets have done this past month?

Inflation is soaring, and interest rates are headed higher. We’re all feeling the pinch.

So, of course, stocks have gone lower…


But over the last 30 days, the major indexes are actually up.

Looking at the headlines on market sentiment lately, you might not believe it.

And that’s why, if you’re letting your emotions rule your investing decisions right now, you’re making a huge mistake.

Because while the cup sure feels half empty right now, it’s only temporary.

As Alpha Investor founder Charles Mizrahi says, we have more things going for us than working against us.

So, the markets will make new highs again. But in the meantime, now’s the perfect opportunity to buy stocks like you’d buy anything else right now: while they’re on sale.

Charles revealed why this week. He also shared a new video version of Real Talk! So, be sure to check it all out below…

Buy Stocks Like a Costco Shopper
If you’re like Charles, the inside of a Costco gets your heart racing. Because who doesn’t love a good sale? And when it comes to stocks, Charles looks at them the same way. Here’s why…


Lina Lee

Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk

Real Talk, Real Readers!

From Edmund M.: Thanks for the pep talk, Charles! It’s exactly what is needed during these choppy market times!

From William M.: Dear Charles, I like the way you see things. Keep up giving us your insight on market conditions and what we can expect in the coming months.

From Daniel W.: What an eloquent message, Charles. Right on time and your anecdote is timeless. Because just as it applied to you when you were younger, it applies at this exact moment in time for those who want to understand it (with everything going on now to and around us).

My grandmother raised me. I always called her Mom, and we attended church every Sunday. We would get our allowance after church. And I personally felt inflation for the first time in the late 1970s and early ’80s. My allowance was $0.25 a week. At first, I was able to buy penny candy with it. Then, it became $0.05 for a piece of candy. And eventually, the good candy was $0.10 apiece.

Here’s my anecdote… Mom would give us money to place in the collection plate. And by the time it got around to me and my family, I would skim some money off of the top of my offering before placing the rest in the collection plate. For me, investing with you during these times smells like the $0.25 whiff of cheese. But what beautiful memories it conjures up.

As I say, there’s no teacher like experience. So, I’m in class learning as an investor during my first bear market. The wisdom and expertise you share is greatly appreciated!

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