Now’s the Time to Buy the Dip in This Growth Stock Correction

America 2.0 is inevitable.

What you’re seeing right now is a growth stock correction.

After the run we saw, it’s easy to think stocks can only go up. But stocks — especially our America 2.0 growth stocks — are volatile.

I’ll tell you, I see this as a great buying opportunity.

This is where the real money is made … in the dips. You gotta have Strong Hands. As Paul always says: If you have that courage and tenacity, the payoff could be huge.

Zoom out.

Living through it is one thing, but in the long term, you’ll look back and kick yourself for missing out.

“Hold the line,” as they say. And check out IanCast to see what you can do in today’s market for 300% to 400% gains when stocks rebound:


Ian Dyer

Editor, Rapid Profit Trader

Editor’s Note: Paul and Ian mentioned the inevitable shift to America 2.0. And the old-world disruption that we could see in oil … to new energy. This could be a big one. So big, Paul believes it could lead to a “12 million mile battery” and a market 10X bigger than electric vehicles… And for investors? Think 5X more new millionaires than cryptos, pot stocks and all of the Big Tech giants — COMBINED. Click here for the full story now.

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