No. 1 Stock for New American Dream

Find the stocks that are reshaping the world and could lead to the biggest profits for Main Street investors.

That was the main goal of our flagship newsletter Profits Unlimited. Now, here we are, five years later.

And how have we done? Well, it’s probably better to ask you that question.

I have been a subscriber to Profits Unlimited for less than a year and have been very pleased with the information and results of my “Mampilly Portfolio.” I started around April 2020 and finished the year with a 51% gain. I am currently up over 28% for the year 2021, largely in part that I sold most of my holdings in [Profits Unlimited stock] for $44.90, after purchasing it at $5.21 for a whopping 750% gain!! 

— John

I have been a Profits Unlimited subscriber since approximately June of 2016 when I took a Roth IRA account with an approximate value of $28,000.00 away from a financial adviser I started working with a little over two years prior to that. We left the balance of my and my wife’s portfolio with that adviser. Big, big mistake. Now, four years and seven months later, that little 28K account has grown to over 137K!  Of course, the biggest winner is [Profits Unlimited stock] with a 1,461% gain at least on paper, over the purchase price… Thank you for the life-changing opportunity you have given me and my wife. 

— L. K.

Keep up the great work Paul! I’m behind you and your team 100 percent! Thank you so much!

— Scott

 This is fantastic. And I can’t wait to see more.

In honor of our Profits Unlimited birthday and mission, I’m going to dive into one of the top game-changing America 2.0 plays of today — and share the No. 1 stock for it from the open model portfolio.

It’s creating the New American Dream.

This trend soared 600% in one month last year. And momentum is not slowing down.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our five-year birthday — with a little bullish, optimistic and positive (#BOP) opportunity for America 2.0.

Top Stock for the New American Dream

When I moved to this country, I realized the “American Dream” isn’t just a catchy phrase. It’s a goal — a milestone — for so many.

And in the spirit of world-changing America 2.0 technologies, even the American Dream gets an upgrade.

Mega trends such as millennials, 3D printing, blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things make the NEW American Dream.

It starts with virtual real estate.

You see, housing demand is higher than supply. The reasons are right in front of us.

Millennials — the largest generation — are reaching the age of buying their first homes and they don’t want to do it the old way.

Because of that, we see more and more companies around us adjusting to this new, America 2.0 way of finding and buying homes.

Zillow Group Inc. (Nasdaq: ZG) is one of those companies!

It’s a digital real estate marketplace that allows people to search for a home from thousands of miles away. It has incredible virtual tour technology that saves time and makes house hunting actually fun and interesting.

Zillow’s virtual tours skyrocketed since 2020. As I mentioned, Zillow saw a 600% increase in virtual tours taken in just one month!!

And I believe this trend will continue.

Because of new, easy house hunting, Zillow is becoming a leader in real estate.

According to Statista data, it was the most popular real estate website by visits in 2020. Zillow reported that it had 9.6 billion visits in 2020 — up from just 1.5 billion in 2019!

We recommended Zillow to our Strong Hands Nation in late 2018, and it’s up over 200% in our portfolio.

As you know, part of our strategy is to hold these stocks for at least one to three years in order to make the most gains.

We think there’s still massive potential for this stock, so I recommend adding it to your equal-weighted America 2.0 portfolio.

Get More Stocks for America 2.0 Today

Zillow is one stock for Main Street investors that we believe has huge upside.

As for the new American Dream, it’s a leader. But it’s not the only one.

In the Profits Unlimited open model portfolio, we have:

  • A stock that’s changing the way we build homes — up 245% since January 2020.
  • One play that could revolutionize how we buy houses — up 368% since last December.
  • A millennial-fueled investment that’s furnishing these homes — up 189% in 17 months.

The whole portfolio is packed with laser-focused America 2.0 players. And we always have our eyes on the future.

You can be at the forefront of this — and unlock all of these New American Dream tickers — in Profits Unlimited.

Check out all the details, including the mega trend remaking America, by clicking here.

I hope you’re celebrating this milestone with us! After all, YOU are the reason we made it five years.

Thank you! And here’s to the next five years!


Tamara Barkhanoy

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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