Next Wave of America 2.0’s Bull Market

The second wave is here…

America 2.0’s bull market is entering a new phase with new market leaders.

The question is … will you invest?

Here’s why you should.

The leaders of the last phase were cloud computing stocks, semiconductors and Big Tech.

Across our portfolios, we locked in these winners:

  • Cloud Computing: Domo Inc (DOMO) from IPO Speculator for 112% after four months.
  • Semiconductors: STMicroelectronics NV (STM) closed out of Profits Unlimited for a 736% gain in five and a half years.
  • Big Tech: Snowflake Inc (SNOW) from IPO Speculator for a 45% gain in three months.

Now, it’s onward and upward!

We’re looking for the winners for the next wave of growth. And Paul thinks they’ll be in:

All we can say is … get ready.

If you’re ready for skyrocketing growth 🚀, look to space: It’s one of Paul’s calls for winners of the next wave.

There’s so much innovation happening in space.

We’ve even got a report with the three hottest space stocks to buy now.

If you’re #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive) on America 2.0, don’t miss this opportunity.

Check out the details here and see how to unlock the report.

America 2.0 Stock Surge Is Coming!

The team is on the lookout for the next-wave opportunities in America 2.0. Take a look:

  • Supply Chain Issues = #A20 Stock Surge. The stage is set for a huge reversal back to growth stocks. We’ll show you why America 1.0 stocks are on the way out. And your America 2.0 stocks are ready to soar.


Your Bold Profits Team

America 2.0 in Space

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