Musk vs. Bezos: Race to $1 Trillion!

It’s time for another head-to-head survey, Bold Profits Nation!

Jeff Bezos, the man behind Amazon and Blue Origin, once held the richest man in the world title.

But not anymore…

Thanks to Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk just surpassed him.

Now, it’s a race to become the world’s first trillionaire.

So, we want you to join us in placing a bet — who will reach $1 trillion first?

By now, you know how we feel about Elon Musk’s companies (hint: we’re #BOP!).

From Tesla to new energy to SpaceX, Elon’s already got the America 2.0 edge!

But what do you think?

Cast your vote for Musk vs. Bezos as the first trillionaire here!

Really what this means for us it that America 2.0 is here. Innovation, hard work and Strong Hands will win!

Developing unstoppable new space technology can not only create the world’s richest man, it can also make you potentially incredible stock market gains.

There is so much opportunity in space right now. People will look back and regret this moment if they didn’t get in.

Don’t be one of those people.

Invest in Space 2.0 — click here to see Paul’s new video and details on what we recommend.

America 2.0 in the Lead

America 2.0 opportunities are all around us. Check out how different mega trends can come together and create even greater opportunities for you:

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Your Bold Profits Team

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