Let’s Talk NFT Tokens: The New Cryptoverse Opportunity

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— Paul Mampilly

Yes! I won! The tokens flooding out of the machine with the flashing lights and sounds was one of the best feelings I had as a kid.

Of course, my tokens came from an arcade game and I could only trade them in for stickers, stuffed animals or little trinkets.

These days, tokens have a whole new meaning.

And can be traded for a LOT more in the crypto world.

They’re called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

NFTs aren’t like “regular” cryptos such as bitcoin and Ethereum. They’re a little more unique.

For example, you can trade one bitcoin for another bitcoin, but there really wouldn’t be anything different between the two.

But with NFTs, every token is different. That makes owning it very useful for investors.

See, tokens can be traded, used for smart contracts or in other DeFi (decentralized finance) apps.

Users can even create their own tokens to use in the Ethereum network, or in another blockchain ecosystem.

And right now, there’s one sector that NFTs are making a HUGE impact in and I’ll tell you why.

These tokens are going to be big players in the crypto space in 2021 and beyond. And we’ll be sharing more opportunities for you soon.

So, let’s dive in.

Digital Buy Trend You Need to Watch

It was a historic $69 million art sale…

And it was an NFT.

One artist set out to create new digital art to sell and his NFT became the most unique.

It sold for $69 million, becoming the third-most expensive artwork by a living artist of all time.

As you can see, NFTs have recently surged in popularity.

Over the past couple months, traffic to NFT marketplaces has skyrocketed.

People are spending millions on everything from digital art to video clips of NBA highlights to land in digital “metaverses.”

Collectibles are a big thing to the crypto crowd.

And if you’ve spent any time in the collectibles space, you know that forgeries present the biggest downside for collectors.

NFTs are programmed on a blockchain (mainly Ethereum) to clearly indicate who owns what.

Nothing can be duplicated or forged because the data encrypted into the impenetrable blockchain shows which address has the rightful claim of ownership.

Kind of like what Tamara has been telling you about in her Bold Profits Dailies on blockchain and the housing market.

While digital art is nice, it’s not for everyone. And the real underlying benefit for NFTs is much bigger.

It’s going to be the new America 2.0 way to prove that you own something — whether it be a house, car, collectible or anything else.

In fact, a website called NFTfi is already taking this to the next level, where users will be able to deposit their NFTs as collateral for loans.

In the future it will likely be tokenized for real-world items such as real estate that you can buy in fractional investments! Just like buying a fraction of a stock.

Be Ready for Token Opportunities in the Crypto Universe!

The DeFi revolution is coming.

And I fully believe that NFTs are going to see rapid acceleration.

And contribute to one of the biggest bull markets of our time in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

I’m telling you, crypto is going to transform so many industries … and soon!

That’s exactly what we hunt for in Bold Profits. These opportunities could make you a fortune if you can look ahead and see the future as we do.

It’s why Paul and I are launching a new crypto service soon. But you don’t have to wait. We’re going to start sending updates before the launch.

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We’ll also make sure you’re the first to hear the details about this new service as soon as it’s ready. 😊


Ian Dyer

Editor, Rapid Profit Trader

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