King Buddha CBD Review – Americas Best CBD Oil Products

What Is King Buddha?

King Buddha is an American based company that formulates CBD products (high-quality THC free products) and sells them to people who need them most.

Its owners say that the idea of founding this company came after finding that the health and fitness industry was flooded with harsh chemical products.

They decided to change the norm by designing the best CBD products that will help you to improve your overall health, lifestyle, and performance. These products will give your body the best of what it needs.

According to the owners, King Buddha has the highest performing CBD on the market because they do not use chemicals ingredients to formulate them.

They instead use the CO2 method of extraction to manufacturing all their products. It would be the reason they have the purest Hemp-derived cannabidiol on the market.

From custom formulas to packaging and design, this company is committed to quality in every detail of its products. They use the highest quality organic Non-GMO hemp to produce cruelty-free and gluten-free CBD supplements.

It is also essential to mention that this company donates 10% of the net profit and products to charities they trust. They want to help people who cannot afford to purchase these products to access wellness.

The company owners promise to reach as many people as possible and improve their quality of life while supporting their families and friends.

Runners like CBD formulas because they give them what they need the most at the right time. You can take them before, during, and after the competition with confidence.

Other companies that will provide you with the best sports products are BPI Sports and Soylent Nutrition that offers the best bodybuilding supplements.

The Range of CBD Products Manufactured By King Buddha

King Buddha uses the best practices to manufacture its range of CBD supplements, from custom formulas to packaging and design.

Its owners are committed to providing you with quality CBD products.

This company uses the highest quality organic Non-GMO hemp ingredients, meaning that its products are gluten-free and cruelty-free.

People who don’t know what Cannabidiol (CBD) is about are a natural compound from the stalks, leaves, and flowers of marijuana cannabis or industrial hemp.

Do not confuse Hemp-based CBD extracts with CBD from marijuana; they deliver from the same plant but are different. All CBD products formulated by King Buddha contain CBD extracted from industrial hemp.

This company’s products are ranged under ten categories: tinctures, CBD run series, edibles, topicals plus skincare products, soft gel products, full flower, CBD bath salts, and vape juice pens, CBD for pets, and CBD bundles.

Use the red banner at the end of this section to explore each category’s products and purchase the one you need. They will be delivered to your home as soon as possible.

All this company’s products have the following key features in common:

  • Broad-spectrum.
  • THC free.
  • They are manufactured using organic ingredients.
  • Third-party laboratories test them.
  • They are free of pesticides.
  • They are of proper serving.
  • All the ingredients used are grown in the United States.

DISCLAIMER – THC content level of 0.3% or less, pregnant women should consult their physician or primary care provider before using these kinds of products.

These CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult a medical doctor before using any new product, supplement, drug, modifying your diet, or doing new exercises.

King Buddha’s Military and Disability Program

This company offers veterans and disability programs as details below:

Veterans Program

I personally thank this company owners for recognizing the men and women who have devoted their time and lives to protect the United States citizens.

King Buddha offers all United States Armed Forces ( retired or active) members a 30% discount on all products it sells. If you are in this category, you will need to contact the company’s customer service team for the process to follow.

Once accepted into the program, the next step will be to set up your account. The support team will automatically provide you with an exclusive discount every time you purchase.

Disability Program

Besides the program mentioned above, there is also a disability program whose purpose is to prevent people with disabilities from living a full and active life.

All legally disabled customers will get a 30% discount for their purchases. All they need is to get in contact with this company’s friendly customer service team and provide the required documents. The support will give you access to all King Buddha’s formulas at exclusive prices.

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