Investment Criteria for Your Stocks in 2022

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If we lacked conviction in our strategy, we’d tell you we were wrong.

You are our priority. Not pride or anything else. You.

Our top investment criteria is growth.

And the facts have not changed. America 2.0 is still running strong. Growth is still happening.

Stocks will always rise and fall — never in a straight line.

We don’t place value on day-to-day price swings. That’s why we hold our stocks for a minimum of one to three years…

To give you the opportunity to get the most out of a stock’s growth and move past the volatility.

It’s also why we have the Rules of the Game as your security blanket. (Get a refresh on the rules here.)

We know it’s hard. But this is the moment for Strong Hands.

The path to profits is hard … but will you miss out because of that? Or stay in and be #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive)?

If you’re in, keep reading…

New Year, New Opportunities

We’re kicking off the new year, HOT. Hot on the trail of the best 2022 opportunities for you!

  • 2022 = Takeoff Year for New Digital Gilded Age. The crypto market and Tesla are telling you. There’s EXPONENTIAL growth coming in 2022. But you’ll only win if you’re in.
  • Space Stocks 🚀 Are About to Soar: Buy Now. We’re ready to break a record that was set in 1967. Money is going to push into space stocks in 2022, and more will go public. The time to invest is now.
  • CES 2022: Top Tech for Digital Gilded Age. Adoption is key to their evolution and advancement worldwide. And there’s no better place to see these new technologies on display than CES. See our top pick for the leader of the New Digital Gilded Age.
  • The Ugly Truth About Investing. I’m going to share a story with you. Not to discourage you. But to make sure you NEVER make the same mistake. After today, you’ll know what to do. Have conviction, guts, tenacity, courage, determination about your stocks.
  • Why Invest in the “Future of Food”? To get real, lasting growth, you need innovation. Take something from the old world and make it more efficient, easier, sustainable in the new world — such as the new food revolution.
  • Market Update: What We Got Wrong & 2022. We’re answering your questions — market, crypto and the spicy 🌶️ — from Twitter and Facebook. And here’s our outlook for your America 2.0 stocks and crypto in 2022.


Your Bold Profits Team

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