Investing in the Metaverse … Buy HAPI Stocks for Futuristic Profits

The metaverse is coming…

This is the fusion of the virtual and physical worlds. I know … mind blowing. But we’re at a point in America 2.0 where our “real world” is going online.

This takes a massive mega trend mashup: artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, chips and cloud computing.

The investment potential is extraordinary. I’m featuring a stock for this trend in my next Profits Unlimited newsletter.

To see how you can get my laser-focused America 2.0 stock recommendations, you can check out details on my “mega trend blueprint” featured in my Profits Unlimited book here.

But our metaverse exposure started right here … with HAPI 😊!

Watch today’s Bold Profits Daily to see our HAPI roundup, including our metaverse prediction and more:


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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