How to Pick the Best Stocks for Next 5 Years

I’m looking at a tweet that I want you to see right now.

It shows today’s value of $1,000 invested into each of 14 different stocks just five years ago. Now, that $14,000 investment sits at $294,071.

Now I did a little homework on this list, and you can see what’s important here is not stock price …

In today’s video I share the critical metric for you to consider if you want to make 5X, 10X, even 20X your money.

Plus, a couple stocks for your 2021-2026 investing list:

One of the stocks that I believe has BIG potential over the next five years, I mentioned today, but couldn’t reveal it yet.

I’m about to release it in my new Profits Unlimited newsletter that’s about to come out.

Of course, this open model portfolio is filled with some of the best opportunities that we can find for America 2.0 — including a new energy secret that could be the key to a Tesla 12-million-mile battery.

I’d recommend that these stocks should make your investing list for sure if you want the most potential for big gains.

Make sure you know how to access the open model portfolio from my Profits Unlimited research service — and be ready for the next stock from the newsletter — by checking out this presentation here.


Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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