Home Depot (HD) Shows America 1.0 Stock Cracks

America 1.0 is in trouble.

Take one of our Blacklist companies: The Home Depot (HD). [To unlock the full Blacklist of 100 America 1.0 companies to sell, check this out.]

It’s like I told you last week … the cracks are showing.

HD reported earnings and here’s what I noticed that you might not see in mainstream media headlines.

The company is borrowing money, buying back stock and issuing dividends from debt. It’s not the only big company doing this.

If you want our opinion, if you’re investing in blue-chip companies (America 1.0), get out.

America 1.0 is dead, done and dusted.

But here’s the good news: America 2.0 growth stocks don’t have this problem. The Great Reversal is coming. See how:


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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