Hold Strong Paws (Hands) for 909% Stock Market Gains!

You know our rule: Strong Hands!

One reader reminded us that sometimes, we can even look to our Strong Paws Nation for guidance!

This week, we received an adorable piece of fan mail from Strong Hands Nation’s Dr. Gregory — this incredible drawing of our Bold Profits mascot, Alex!

Thanks again, Dr. Gregory, for your beautiful artwork!

You may have seen Alex pop up in Amber’s Market Talk or in the Profits Unlimited updates.

She and Paul like to say: When the market goes crazy, just look how calm Alex is during it all. He has Strong Paws!

Now, more than ever, it’s important to remember this lesson.

It pays to hold Strong Hands ­­— literally!

When our strategy is sound and our stocks are in line with America 2.0 … we embrace volatility and hold on for the MASSIVE gains.

Take a look at some mega trend success we’ve seen by holding Strong Hands in today’s market:

  • One of our favorites — Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) soared 490% since this time last April. It’s up 909% in the model portfolio since we recommended it in 2018!
  • Another Profits Unlimited open crypto play is up 239% in just four months.
  • One open stock from Paul’s Secret Portfolio is up 667% in 11 months.

As you may have seen this week, there are a lot more of these triple-digit opportunities on the horizon.

So first, if you have Strong Hands and are ready to buy, check out Paul’s Trade of the Decade here.

Then, if you want more speculative stocks, Paul’s got 10 to get you started (yes — 10!). Click here to see how you can grab them.

Now, keep reading for a Strong Hands reminder and see all the opportunities the team recommended this week…

Strong Hands/Paws = BIG Gains!

Here are some of this week’s best articles with a focus on Strong Hands, the Digital New Deal and how you can profit from some of our most exciting mega trends:


Your Bold Profits Team

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