Gains Goals? You Need to Do This

Beaten down or not, the growth outlook for our stocks looks good.

And we believe these stocks are worth the fight.

Think about the long game.

What do you want to do with your gains? Pay off your house? Send the kids to college? Travel? Maybe even buy a new car like Judy:

We understand you’re feeling the pain. And while it’s brutal, it’s only temporary.

I know … I know. How can we be so bullish?

Well, the market is forward-facing. That means it anticipates growth a minimum of one to two years ahead.

And we want you to look forward too. What are your future gains goals:

We might share some this week for a little motivation!

We say it all the time. But we also want to show you why you should hold Strong Hands:

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  • UBER: Reasons to Hold Through Volatility. There are three things we look for in stocks: Growth. Growth. Growth! Right now, technology and innovation are driving growth into Uber which could eventually push the stock higher…
  • HODL Bitcoin — Here’s Why. Bitcoin investors know the power of Strong Hands because after every fall bitcoin comes back to make an even higher high.
  • “Interest Rate Effect” for Growth Stocks. Everyone gets a little scared of risky (growth) investments when there’s a whisper of a rate hike. But here’s why we see a bounce coming for growth and crypto.


Your Bold Profits Team

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