[Free Report] – Your “Digital New Deal” Stock Boost in America 2.0

When Americans needed hope restored in our economy, financial security and jobs … President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the New Deal in 1933.

Many are experiencing that kind of fear in the markets today. But rest assured.

Now, our country is transforming into America 2.0.

And the Digital New Deal is on the way!

The president’s new infrastructure plan is really exciting for you and our Fourth Industrial Revolution stocks.

Your mega trends — blockchain, electric vehicles, biotech and more — could really take off if it goes through.

And by investing in the exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and industries that make up America 2.0 today, you’ll be prepared for the potential gains the Digital New Deal would help grow.

To help you figure out what stocks fall under the America 2.0 umbrella, check out this free checklist we created for you.

If you can check these boxes, you have a potentially great Bold Profits investment in front of you.

For more insight into how you can invest in America 2.0 — including the one tech that will transform infrastructure and create American jobs — check out Paul’s presentation here.

Then, keep reading for your Digital New Deal boosting plays from this week’s Bold Profits Daily.

Digital New Deal Opportunities

Here’s more for you to focus on in the most exciting mega trends that will make up the Digital New Deal’s foundation:


Your Bold Profits Team

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