FLASH Trading + Your Brand-New Investment Newsletter!

The crypto market is moving so fast — the trades are like a lightning bolt flash!

For months, we’ve been doing an in-house beta test to try out the crypto waters.

Ian developed a crypto flash strategy for the first wave of this bull run, and … the gains were completely nuts! One winning gain after the next.

He’s developed a reputation around here for capturing win streaks like this.

And right now … the opportunity in the crypto market is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

You can check out his special video presentation about it now.

That’s not all for this week!

First, we launched Crypto Flash Trader. Then, we premiered a new free newsletter for you!

This newsletter, Bold Profits Confidential, is written by Managing Editor Jaclyn Frakes-Jones … the person behind the scenes for all your Bold Profits Daily sends! (Like here! Hello! 😊)

It centers around all things America 2.0 from a new, unique perspective.

The first issue is an incredible behind-the-scenes look at bitcoin, blockchain and the team’s surprising journey into the cryptoverse!

If you’re as excited as we are about Jaclyn’s new venture with Bold Profits Confidential, be sure to read the first issue by clicking here.

Congratulations Crypto Quiz Winner!

We had an awesome crypto takeover week! And it all started with our quiz from last week. You all know your stuff! But one reader correctly answered all the questions first.

Congratulations Ryan! You’re the winner of a new Strong Hands t-shirt!

Thanks to everyone for playing along. And we hope you enjoyed all the juicy new crypto content this week!

In case you missed it, here are your takeover articles for the cryptoverse:


Your Bold Profits Team

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