Elon Musk & Crypto + Bull Trap: Busting Market Myths

Turn out, Elon Musk’s relationship with crypto … is complicated!

After months of people thinking Elon hated bitcoin, he finally came clean. We knew it. He DOES invest in cryptos — bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin.

In fact, crypto is his largest holding outside of Tesla and SpaceX.

This is a great, bullish sign for crypto. And who knows how many other secret crypto investors are out there?

Maybe the next one could be YOU!

We also have to debunk an “analysis” of the market we saw. They’re calling it a dot.com era bull trap … completely missing the big picture.

We are in the America 2.0 pre-game and getting ready to start the first innings of the world series! Don’t miss out on these huge opportunities in crypto and growth stocks.

Check out this week’s IanCast for the full breakdown:


Ian Dyer

Editor, Rapid Profit Trader

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