Don’t Sell Your Stocks Too Early

It feels like the bottom.

Emotionally, financially spent and exhausted.

The market catches you unprepared. You’ll want to sell. Now or on any bounce.

Yesterday, the market opened with pretty much everything down around 5%-7% or more with the geopolitical events brewing.

As the day went on, things rebounded with growth outpacing the rest of the market.

You see, OUR stocks grow with innovation. They are not tied to Russia or Ukraine or oil. They’re America 2.0.

We believe — like in 2020 — we’re going to see a surge of acceleration. Now is not the time to sell … this scenario is shifting in our favor for growth stocks and crypto:

If you missed Paul’s market outlook with the Russia/Ukraine war yesterday, you can see it here.


Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer

Editor, Crypto Flash Trader

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