Crypto $20 Trillion Price Target By 2022

Go big or go home. Here’s what I see in my 2022:

Three more countries will make bitcoin (BTC) legal tender.

Governments will own approximately 2% of BTC’s supply.

The total crypto market cap will hit $20 trillion.

  • BTC: $7 trillion. ($350K per coin)
  • Ethereum: $2 trillion. ($20K per coin)
  • Stablecoins: $1 trillion.
  • Altcoins: $10 trillion.

I know these all sound big. Maybe outrageous. Maybe not for our Strong Hands HODLers out there.

But Paul’s giving me his famous pop quizzes to lay out exactly how these can unfold.

We’ve never been more bullish on bitcoin. And Paul’s negative interest rates forecast could act as rocket fuel for crypto.

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Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer

Editor, Crypto Flash Trader

Stock for the Hidden Tech Behind Crypto

With predictions like Ian and Paul laid out this week, it’s hard not to be #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive) for 2022. Cryptocurrencies are on fire and investors are cashing in fast.

Paul discovered a way to play the crypto boom without the volatility of cryptos.

It’s a little-known tech company that makes an obscure type of software that cryptocurrencies depend on to work.

As it leaps into the tech scene with terrific force, this company is setting itself up to be the next Microsoft, Intel or Amazon. And Paul expects this tiny niche to grow more than 10 times over in just the next four years.

He has the full details for you.

Click here now to see exactly why he expects this stock is just getting started.

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