Crush the Next Half of 2021 by Maintaining Your Current Stock Positions

Paul took to Twitter with a vital message: Our time cometh!

Listen. Stocks will never rise or fall in a straight line. That’s so important, we want to say it again.

Stocks will NEVER rise or fall in a straight line.

BUT your Strong Hands will prevail and that’s how you make the big gains in the stock market.

But Paul also had this to say:

That’s why it’s more important than ever to hold Strong Hands throughout 2021 — the gains will likely come to those who wait.

We’re bullish, optimistic and positive (#BOP) and ready to crush it with you!

Get Ready… Big Gains Ahead

Here’s how you can bolster your portfolio for the light at the end of the volatility tunnel:

  • Market Volatility: Zoom Out, Gains Ahead? During this volatility, America 2.0 tech stocks have cleared out nearly all of their sellers, which is a great sign that gains are on the horizon. Plus, we’ve seen SO much momentum flood these stocks and accelerate them! That means more growth ahead. 
  • 4 ETFs to Make Your Strong Hands HAPI 😊. Paul’s recommending that you embrace this volatility and get HAPI 😊! These are four incredible exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that get you into the most exciting America 2.0 mega trends. 
  • Top Trade for Global Blockchain Boom! Blockchain technology is big in the crypto world. It’s the decentralized, digital record-keeping technology behind the cryptocurrency network. It’s set to disrupt almost every industry. 
  • 3D Printing Solves This $1.5 Trillion Problem. The America 2.0 era of precision medicine is here. 3D-printed drugs are disrupting and replacing Big Pharma’s mass production of “one size fits all” drugs.
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Your Bold Profits Team

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