Bold’s Super Bowl Stock Showdown: Growth vs. Value

It’s game time!

This is our Super Bowl — the ultimate Bold Profits showdown.

Growth stocks vs. value stocks.

Growth stocks have taken a beating. You might even consider them the underdogs right now.

Value stocks might seem like the safe bet. But — and you know this — we disagree.

First of all, there’s no such thing as a safe bet in investing. There’s always risk. And it takes guts to invest.

People will retreat to value when they’re scared.

But here’s what we know.

Tomorrow is going to keep on coming. With it, innovation … technology … growth. Disruption will send value stocks straight to zero.

That’s America 2.0. And growth stocks will be the winners. At least, that’s our bet on this showdown. What’s yours?

If you want to see our America 2.0 stock recommendations, check this out and see why.

Catch Some New 2022 #BOP Forecasts

Love it, hate it, (maybe just like it?), we are BULLISH, optimistic and positive for 2022.

So whether you need some strategies to manage the volatility and gain Strong Hands, or some opportunities for the rebound, keep reading…

  • #ROTG: Keep Cash on the Side. Expect volatility! Plan for it. Prepare for it. Be ready for it. When it happens — and it will — cash on the side will act as your volatility buffer.
  • Why I’m Watching Meta’s Crash. It showcases one of our mega trends: the metaverse. But if you want my opinion on whether Meta (FB) is a buy after its 25% drop … watch this.
  • Super Bowl 2022 = Metaverse Fortunes. The metaverse is on tap to take center stage with the help of the biggest sporting event of the year — Super Bowl LVI! With that kind of demand and growth, this is one mega trend we do not want you to miss.
  • ARKK Update: 250% ️ in 2022. We went full-on #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive) with your 2022 Bold predictions… And then the market tanked. Here’s a predictions update.
  • Inflation Panic: Will It Keep Soaring? The markets have gone mad. Inflation panic is out of this world. What’s going on?! We’re talking big. So we’re going to back this up with some new 2022 forecasts.


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