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Patrick … have you seen prices at the pump?

Inflation is running rampant.

Well, unfortunately I have seen gas prices recently. (I need to get that electric vehicle, so I never have to look at gas prices again!)

But as far as prices and inflation…

If you haven’t watched Paul’s Tuesday Bold Profits Daily video, you should.

He excellently explains his reasoning for prices on goods falling.

Yes falling!

In fact, technology is deflationary.

That’s because technology makes things easier, faster, more efficient.

And when humans innovate and adopt new tech, they expect more in return.

When I purchase an autonomous vehicle one day, I expect to be able to rent out my car for bitcoin when I am not using it.

I’d get passive crypto income and pay far less for electricity than I do at the pump with my stick shift jeep.

That’s just one example of the countless ways America will upgrade to 2.0 status.

Here at Bold Profits, I’m the Dow dude — always talking about how America 2.0 companies and bitcoin will enter the Dow Jones to take it to 100K.

Well a Dow company is using blockchain technology to fix its supply chain issues, which in turn drags down prices…

The Power of Blockchain

Each blue arrow you see in the map below is a vessel:

supply crisis ships waiting to deboard

Most of these ships contain goods we buy online that are en route to us.

However, as Paul said, many of these ships are waiting to unload at ports like Los Angeles or places in the Gulf of Mexico, which are pointed out in red.

Once they are unloaded on the dock, trucks pick up a container to be delivered to a fulfillment center before ultimately arriving at your door.

Well it comes to no one’s surprise the bottleneck in moving goods around caused by the pandemic has forced companies to innovate.

2020 was a transformative year.

I recently read a Harvard Business Review article that stated Walmart Canada and 69 of its carriers started to use their own private blockchain.

Using blockchain technology, they are able to gather information at every point of the supply chain — from the tender offer to the carrier to the proof of delivery.

All this data is automatically updated and processed in real time.

It’s very transparent as well for all the parties involved.

After implementing the technology in March 2021 invoice disputes between Walmart Canada and its carriers have decreased from over 70% to less than 1%.

They no longer have to wait weeks or months to settle on payments.

That may sound trivial, but there’s more to it.

Blockchain technology is also allowing the supply chain to run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Truckers are providing data on the climate, road conditions, fuel prices, stop locations, etc., for the over 500,000 annual shipments Walmart Canada does.

This helps to plan routes or to calculate better ones in real time in order to find the cheapest and safest way possible for transporting goods.

Boost Your Portfolio With Blockchain

Now I’m not much of an advocate for investing in the current Dow Jones companies, especially Walmart.

It’s great to see large companies, like Walmart, getting on board with blockchain and cryptos, but the big gains to be made in America 2.0 just aren’t with the Dow 30.

Sorry, but Walmart isn’t 10X-ing from here, in my opinion.

The real opportunity to make money is in the technology spreading rapidly through almost every aspect of our lives.

Technology like blockchain.

Whether it be the supply chain bottleneck, making cryptos safe and secure or even changing the way we share our medical records, vote, buy houses, bank.

Blockchain is replacing the decades-old foundation of virtually every industry in the world.

And you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Check out the details of Paul’s blockchain stock recommendation here.

You don’t have to bet the farm.

We think you should follow the Rules of the Game by equal weighting your trades or putting the same dollar amount to each trade.

And we think one of those trades should be in the blockchain mega trend. This technology is solving supply chain issues and transforming money.

And you have a chance to ride its America 2.0 growth wave to new highs.

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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