Bitcoin to Hit $350K in This Bull Market

Bitcoin is like a gateway into crypto.

And right now, there’s a new crypto-economy forming — everything from bitcoin to blockchain to DeFi platforms.

I’m calling for bitcoin to hit $350K in this bull market. That’s right. I’m upping my prediction.

And you asked us why.

So, I’ll tell you what’s fueling bitcoin that makes me #BOP on this price target and the overall crypto economy (including one rising star that has even more going on right now than bitcoin). 

Plus, we’re answering more of your questions today: Is a market crash inevitable…? Can I lock in more gains on TSLA? Is the pot stock bull market over? 

All your answers are in today’s IanCast. Watch it here:

We did a deep dive into the up-and-coming crypto economy in today’s IanCast.

As we’ve mentioned, we’ve been testing a new crypto trading strategy. In testing, we’ve closed crypto trades such as 101% in seven days, 74% in nine days and 71% in 12 days.

It’s still early, but we’re bullish on the phenomenal opportunity this could offer you.

So now we want to know:


Ian Dyer

Editor, Rapid Profit Trader

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