Bear Market Roundtable: How We’re Investing NOW

It’s our first bear market for America 2.0. 

So I’m calling on my roundtable today.

That’s right. Five people from our superstar team are coming on to talk about their own experiences in this market. 

Buying? Selling? Holding?

Hint: I was blown away. 

Bear market or not, you are living through an opportunity of a lifetime at these low prices! 

Take a look and see the ONE stock or crypto we’d buy in this bear market for bullish gains, then come back and tell us yours:

Did you agree with someone on the team? Or do you have another idea?

Tell us the one stock or crypto you’d like to buy right now: 


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

Attention Bear Market Buyers: The fear in the market has sidelined many investors. But as you saw today … not us!

There’s no off-season in investing. Especially since now is the biggest buying opportunity in years… If not decades.

Long-term, upward momentum of our incredible America 2.0 stocks hasn’t changed.

And right now, I see an opportunity in one group of stocks that are delivering some grand slams to people. In one incredible circumstance … more than 1,600% in just over two weeks.

But I want you to see it all for yourself. Watch here.

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