Are You Team AAPL or Team TSLA?

The great debate: AAPL vs. TSLA.

Or better known as America 1.0 vs. America 2.0.

We asked you to weigh in. And the results are in! And…


The results were SUPER close:

Tesla still won, but it looks like the debate continues!

Our YouTube audience on the other hand is Tesla all the way!!

team aapl or team tsla - bold profits daily youtube poll results

Thank you so much for casting your vote. Looks like we still have some work to do! 😊

Putting the team on the case and into full-force America 2.0 mode — like Tesla’s Ludicrous mode (Apple doesn’t have one of those…)!

Stay tuned for more in your Bold Profits Daily.

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Your Bold Profits Team

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