America 2.0 Stocks Will Drive a Huge Upswing Recovery

We don’t see a winning streak like this every day!

It’s been one year of ZERO LOSSES.

And 34 winning trades. Wowza!

The gains are unstoppable and they keep getting bigger. We’re talking fast, triple-digit gains such as:

  • 492% in six months.
  • 342% in five months.
  • 103% in four weeks.
  • 60% in eleven days.

These are potentially life-changing gains. But it’s only going to get better from here.

Paul says the next round of winners is about to hit. Three market forces are all colliding. And they’ll drive the next huge upswing.

These are “V-stocks” — America 2.0 plays prepared for a V-shaped recovery.

V for victory!

You can see exactly how to access these recommendations before the next trade alert goes out! Click here to see details on our Record Win Streak strategy now.

Beat Markets With Bold Recommendations

Here are some opportunities for you:

  • NFT Art: New Wave of Blockchain Profits! Nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are unique, one-of-a-kind investments that can’t be replaced with something else. NFT art is a game-changer, helping to generate consistent income for amazing artists.
  • Enter the Metaverse … and Get HAPI 😊. The fusion of the virtual and physical worlds is coming. This takes a massive mega trend mashup: artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, chips and cloud computing. 
  • Market Opportunity: 6X Faster Growth Than S&P 500. Over the past nine years, subscription businesses have grown nearly 6X faster than the S&P 500, and now you can buy into the biggest underlying mega trend fueling this rise. 
  • Blockchain + Disruption = New American Dream. Disruption is a sign of change. And change almost always goes hand in hand with incredible opportunities. Blockchain is about to disrupt and surge 1,223% by 2025.
  • How You Make 492% in 6 Months. The big takeaway for today is this: Let the news be. Focus on making money. Here’s our strategy to crush it in the last half of 2021 — including how we locked in a huge gain by trading options.


Your Bold Profits Team

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