AI Stocks for the New American Dream

Forget the old. The NEW American dream is here now.

As you know, I made a bold prediction for 2021…

80% of home showings will be virtual. And we’re edging up closer and closer! Take a look at this:

homebuyers offers sight unseen graph

Last year, 63% of homebuyers made an offer without ever stepping foot inside their future home.

Okay, but what does that mean for your portfolio?

Well, look at that chart again. I think your portfolio could go up in the same direction by investing in the technology making the new American dream a reality.

The Unstoppable Tech of Virtual Showings

Virtual showings can be done in many ways ­— from having an agent show you the house through a video conference to using AR/VR headsets to see the property for yourself.

The best part? The technology for this keeps getting better.

That’s why I believe my prediction is going to be a winner. Maybe even the next box on your Bold Profits Bingo card!

Just last month, one of the leading digital real estate brokers Zillow took a giant America 2.0 leap.

Zillow was already at the forefront of the digital tours with its 3D home layouts on their websites, for any prospective owner to see.

But, the company took it a step further.

Now, using artificial intelligence (AI), they were able to create a system that allows you to see more than just 3D house pictures ­— it gives you a dynamic floor plan.

What that means is that you can see your potential home and almost feel all of its dimensions … feel what it would be like walking down to the kitchen every morning … get a real sense of the space you’re getting.

This tech is a phenomenal example of what AI can bring to the housing market.

Now, instead of spending an average of 10 to 12 weeks picking a home, you can do it in a day or two.

Just imagine how much time this would save you if you’re moving across the country, or, like it was in my case, across the globe!

This tech would have saved me from trying to navigate an unknown city while house-hunting. I could have just picked one from across the ocean.

Bet Boldly on the New American Dream

AI is going to have a huge impact on the new housing market.

Here are just some of the perks of AI that will get more people choosing virtual showings:

  • Customized home searches based off your wish list.
  • Livestream robotic home tours and chatbots to answer your questions.
  • Predicting the market value of your home.
  • Faster, easier buying process with smart contracts (prediction No. 2!).

Our mega trends are taking over this sector creating the new American dream.

One way you can invest in this as it and my virtual home showings prediction takes off is through AI.

I recommend adding some exposure to your portfolio by buying the ARK Innovation ETF (NYSE: ARKK).

This exchange-traded fund (ETF) has a basket of innovative stocks with companies like Zillow that are implementing AI now.

And if you want more, check out this Market Talk.

In it, you can see how another mega trend — 3D printing — is going to lead to a monster surge as new houses are being built:

If you like the video, be sure to like it and subscribe to our YouTube page. Maybe Paul and Amber will have me back on to see you in Market Talk again soon!

With huge developments like AI, 3D printing and smart contracts, it is no surprise we are bullish, optimistic, and positive (#BOP) on the future of real estate…

And #BOP for a phenomenal America 2.0 investment for you!


amara Barkhanoy

Tamara Barkhanoy

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

P.S. 3D printing is set to remake the new American dream! And 3D printing stocks are hot in today’s market. One of Paul’s open 3D-printing stock recommendations surged 100% in one day. Others have jumped up 150% and 500% in recent months. This is just the beginning… Paul says 3D printing is powering a $100 trillion industrial boom that’s sweeping America’s heartland. Click here to see how you can get his No. 1 stock for this revolution.

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