AAPL vs. TSLA = America 1.0 vs. America 2.0

Every time we talk Apple, we get a bit of backlash on YouTube and Twitter.

A little debate isn’t a bad thing, right?!

Simply put, here’s how we see the two:

Apple (AAPL) = America 1.0.

Tesla (TSLA) = America 2.0.

Tesla continues to innovate, stacking mega trends and creating new themes for the future. Apple focuses on buying back its own stock and hasn’t really innovated since Steve Jobs.

We have to look forward at where the world is going, not back.

Paul and Ian even lay out the AAPL Death Star effect it has on the market and your stocks. We’ve been showing you the contrast between the two for years.

So now, we want to give you the chance to weigh in directly on this debate!

If you want to share your stance on AAPL vs. TSLA, and America 1.0 vs. America 2.0, cast your vote here:

Tune in next Saturday for the results!

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