AAPL Death Star Effect & Your America 2.0 Stocks

When just a few big stocks dominate the market, our stocks will look like they’re lagging.

We call it the Apple (AAPL) Death Star effect.

Our America 2.0 stocks look like tiny ants when you compare the market caps to AAPL. And if there’s one thing Paul and I will always tell you, it’s that stocks never go up in a straight line.

It’s not easy. But — like the greats say in hockey — you want to be where the puck is going.

It’s called Strong Hands for a reason. You have to sit through volatility to make the big gains.

Think you should sell and buy a big name like Apple? Don’t. We’ll tell you exactly why.

Watch this week’s IanCast to hear more about the coming growth stock rebound, and the latest on crypto, Tesla and cannabis:


Ian Dyer

Editor, Rapid Profit Trader

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