A $911,000 Mistake — The Ugly Truth About Investing

“I missed out on $911,000 because I ignored Paul’s rule about Strong Hands.”


One reader sent this pretty heartbreaking story in and I wanted to share it with you.

Because … this is the ugly truth about investing: You will not always win. Investing takes courage and tenacity. And that’s because stocks go up and they go down.

Holding on when your stocks are down is HARD. Hey, holding when they are up is hard:

I made a nice $79,000 profit on Tesla (from an investment of $60,000), however … because I got nervous, had weak hands, I missed out on $911,000 in gains.

I owned 200 shares of Tesla before the 5 for 1 stock split. If I still held those shares today (1,000 shares after the split) they would be worth $1,050,000. I missed out on $911,000 in profits because I sold too soon…

I ignored Paul’s rule about Strong Hands and it cost me $911,000… Lesson learned the very hard way. Ugh.

Sometimes, being patient and sitting on your hands can be the hardest part, but it can also be the most profitable.

If we’re being honest, 99 out of 100 of us are going to make mistakes when it comes to trading.

There’s so much noise out there — this is a bubble, a crash is imminent, big gains aren’t really possible, day trading it the only way…

It all gets in your head and shakes your Strong Hands.

Paul will tell you. He’s made 99% of the mistakes out there. He learned the hard way. Now he blocks out all the noise. And knows that no one — hedge funds, investment banks, market makers or Warren Buffett — will get it right all of the time.

You see, if you are never in a stock for very long, you can never make any money. And stand to miss out on six-digit gains…

I do NOT want this to happen to you.

I’m grateful this reader shared their story, so we can take today to learn from it. And turn it around for you.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it and tell you investing is easy. But it is rewarding.

With every discouraging or spicy email, there are dozens of positive ones. Hey, I even got to hear some in person at our “Raving Customers” event this year. (Shout out to my new Inner Circle friends — it was the highlight of my year meeting you and hearing your stories!)

And I’m confident there will be millions, billions, gazillions more #BOP (bullish, optimistic, positive) stories in my time from the Strong Hands Nation!

Because after today, you’ll know what to do.

You’ll be able to clear out the noise and myths and recognize the facts. Let us guide you. But grab the reins and take control of your investing future.

Have conviction, guts, tenacity, courage, determination about your stocks.

And share your success with your friends and family — showing them it pays to have Strong Hands.

How to Invest BOLDLY — Without Fear — For Big Money Over Time

Many people have some weird, bizarre notions about investing…

I think it’s important to debunk these and start fresh with a #BOP mindset.

You also have to find the right strategy for YOU. Every strategy comes with its own risk/reward ratio. Some are easier for beginners and others are for when you’re ready to take your portfolio to the next level and even become a speculator.

To show you what I mean, I’m going to sprinkle some of our strategies in this issue to show you how many levels and opportunities there are once you have your Strong Hands.

But, like I said, you may need to block out all the noise in order to see how BIG this America 2.0 investing era will be.

The only way to win is to be in.

So, here are some of the top investing myths to overcome in order to make big money over time.

No. 1: It’s super easy to make big money.


I find most things worth doing, are not easy (sorry). But, I’m training for my first half marathon and my feet will tell you: “it ain’t easy!”

I have to will myself out of my comfy bed while it’s still dark to get in anywhere from 2-10 miles in before work. I have to pass on the pizza, drink a gallon of water a day and then come back and do it all again.

Later this year, I’ll cross that finish line and take my medal.

And the same goes for investing.

It takes work, dedication, conviction, tenacity. You will fail. And you have to get back at it. When I asked our Tesla investor if that loss shook them out of the market for good, I was happy to hear it did not.

But their hands are stronger now.

No one makes money every single week, month or year. Every single investor, trader or speculator has bad periods and good periods.

But to be successful — cross your financial “finish” line — you have to hold your stocks with Strong Hands.

Plus, if you stick with us kids, we’ll try to make it as easy as we can for you by offering you our ideas of where the world is going. And the best investments with times when to buy, sell, hold and watch in America 2.0.

No. 2: Collect on big one-day bets.

AKA day trading. Sigh.

The belief that the way to make big money is to trade and churn your account constantly, looking to buy and sell and go in and out rapidly.

This is one of the most destructive things people believe in.

People sometimes mistake the occasional big winner that can happen from time to time as proof it’s going to happen every time.

It won’t.

The majority of people who are writing in about making hundreds of millions or billions of dollars have done it by having a long-term time frame:

I joined Profits Unlimited in Oct of 2017, and True Momentum about a year later. I started with a portfolio of $310,000. and reached an all-time high of $1,136,000. that was April 8 of 2021. Today I’m at $900,000. I want to thank you and everyone there for making me a “millionaire.”

I can’t wait for the next all-time high, because of past experience with your recommendations they will shoot past the previous all-time high. With the profits I have made I bought a Factory Five Racing Mark IV Roadster which has an uncanny resemblance to an AC Cobra, and I get too build it myself.

Thank you Paul, Amber and everyone there at Profits Unlimited, keep up the awesome work you do!!!

— Karl

In 2017 I was first introduced to Profits Unlimited. I had been a subscriber to a number of newsletters and services over the years but honestly, I was lucky to break even with the returns on those services. I decided to follow your portfolio for a few months and compare against my own stock portfolio. It didn’t take but a few weeks to see there was a dramatic difference of the growth of the Profits Unlimited portfolio.

I slowly started selling my stock positions and adding those in your model portfolio. I starting seeing my brokerage account value rise steadily.  In September of 2017, I decided to go “all-in” on my stock positions and follow the portfolios in your services. I subscribed to True Momentum, and Extreme Fortunes and have since added three more. In September 2017, my account value was 335,000.

As of today, it totals $1.1 million dollars! Yes, that’s tripling my money in less than three years! So, as you can see, on this Independence Day, thanks to you, I have taken a significant step toward my “financial freedom” as I have followed your recommendations. Over the past three years, I have developed my own #BOP philosophy and I advise everyone who wants similar returns to follow: Bet on Paul.

— Barry

I’d like to thank you for all the work you are doing to help people like me invest smartly and thus help secure a safe retirement or fulfill whatever goal we might have.

I joined Profit Unlimited in mid-2019 and follow Paul’s Secret Portfolio and True Momentum with around $600,000, which grew today to $1,700,000 thanks to your advice. I am impatient to see what is going to happen as our economy rebounds.

— Jean-Claude

And we believe in big money over time. Over time. That’s the key to building real, lasting money.

We have a minimum hold period of one to three years.

That’s because we invest in game-changing technology. These things don’t unfold overnight. It took Tesla five years to roll out their first electric vehicle (EV). But the opportunity was clear. EVs would disrupt the old gas-guzzling cars and eventually dominate the entire market.

Even when you look at Tesla today, it seems obvious.

But that doesn’t mean you need to sell. In fact, Paul recommends holding on to TSLA because there’s still so much growth ahead. More gains for TSLA!

Holding with Strong Hands is how you can ride the growth of a stock to its full potential — like these America 2.0 recommendations:

  • 1,652% in a bit over three years with our open position in Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA).
  • 481% in two and half years with CareDx Inc. (Nasdaq: CDNA).
  • 638% in a little over a year getting in and out of Enphase Energy Inc. (Nasdaq: ENPH).

No. 3: Buy one stock and done.

One stock could hit big. You could use the gains to buy a fancy dinner and splurge for the new year. But what about buying a house, paying off your debt, retiring early?

I can’t say it won’t happen … but odds are, it won’t.

When I started here at Bold Profits, there was a lot of commotion about the “No. 1 stock” for this or that.

People opened more of our Bold Profits Daily emails if there was a No. 1 stock. And we do have top recommendations for our mega trends.

But this year, we’re shaking things up.

Paul didn’t want to pick a No. 1. Because there’s not just one. We’re in an exciting era of innovation and technology — you know it as America 2.0.

With it comes a LOT of opportunities.

There’s not just one No. 1 for 2022. There are whole portfolios packed with potential No. 1s!

Even when new readers join our Strong Hands Nation and don’t know where to begin, we recommend five starter stocks that have the most potential based on our GoingUpness criteria.

With that in mind, where do you start?

Portfolios Packed With Opportunities for You

Here’s what separates us from the pack…


I know you hear that all the time, but it’s true. We are the most bullish, optimistic and positive team out there.

It’s hard not to be.

Look around. The future is here.

We can 3D print almost anything. We can work, learn, socialize in an entirely virtual metaverse We sent CAPTAIN KIRK himself — William Shatner — to SPACE! What?!

It feels like we are living out some of my favorite TV worlds from when I was a kid. Look out Marty McFly! We ARE the future!

And Paul and the team make recommendations based on this incredible future:

Again, there’s no such thing as risk-free investing. There will always be bouts of volatility and losses.

It’s an ugly truth. But not everyone makes money all the time.

There’s a buyer and seller in each exchange. You win some, you lose some.

Investing is not for everyone. You have to be tough and train yourself to check your emotions at the door.

You should only buy into stocks where you fully understand the risks and the opportunities.

So if you don’t understand the investment thesis for a stock, that’s OK. Just pass on it. Wait for an opportunity that makes sense to you. That way, you’ll always feel in control of your investment and your emotions in regard to the stock. Because, in the end, that’s the key to being a successful investor: Don’t get too low when you lose, and don’t get too high when you win.

Getting an edge is the hard part. There are a ton of strategies out there. In fact, we have nine which I’ve been sprinkling in here to give you an idea of how we recommend stocks, options, small caps, cryptos, IPOs…

Each with its own opportunity and risk level.

As you can see, we’re not hitting home runs every time. Here’s what Paul shared in our investment team call:

Why do we have such low hit rates in our buy and hold stock services? Because we hold on to our winners and cut our losers more often than not. The vast majority of the gains that we show are from stocks that are winning and we hold onto because it’s my experience that winning stocks tend to keep winning because there’s something that they have — a good business, a good product/service that keeps investors coming back to buy the stock and bid it higher. Which then makes our services completely inappropriate for “instant lottery” or “jackpot” style investing where you trade constantly from one stock to the other.

In other words, we’re in the long game for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to unfold. The dawn of the New Digital Gilded Age where there’s not just one technology changing the world — there’s a TON.

So yeah, there’ll be losses mixed in with the large gains.

It’s important to remember that.

But it’s even more crucial to understand the majority of your equal-weighted portfolio’s performance over time comes from a few leading tickers.

Take Profits Unlimited trades as an example.

You may only close out winners a little over a third of the time, but since the start, it’s been shooting up 280%, while the S&P 500 is up 128% over the same time period.

This giant return is from the 785% and 751% open trades with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (Nasdaq: AMD) and STMicroelectronics NV (NYSE: STM), respectively.

These moves weren’t made overnight. These gains are five years in the making.

The good thing about all of our services is that every single one has Paul at the helm, helping guide our analysts and gurus with his years of intense experience (and surviving painful losses).

And we put together a blueprint for investing — our Rules of the Game.

While we can give you the information we believe to be crucial to investing, ultimately, it’s up to you to follow the rules of the investing game to reach success.

Rule No. 1: Never make an all-in bet.

I’ve been saying this all day. No one has a crystal ball to predict which stocks will go up the most, and nobody can predict which stocks won’t live up to their potential. That’s why you never want to put all your money in one stock. Remember, the volatility of one stock is always higher than the volatility of your overall portfolio.

Because of that, we believe that you have the best chance at big gains if you hold, at minimum, five to ten of our recommendations in your portfolio. That way, should any single stock go down due to the natural price fluctuations of the market, you’re less likely to be affected because your winners will outweigh any possible losses.

You want to spread your money around and give yourself many opportunities to win. The best way to do this is to follow my next step.

Rule No. 2: Equal-weight all of the positions in our portfolio.

You need to give yourself enough chances to win.

The way you do that is to equal weight your portfolio positions by dollar amount.

Equal-weighting your positions means investing the same dollar amount in each stock you buy in our portfolio. Set a specific amount and stick to it. Then, use that set amount as a marker for all of your positions across our portfolio.

For example, say you decide to invest $1,000 into each position. And let’s assume the stock price of Uber is $50, and Tesla is $500. If you set your amount to $1,000, your equal-weighted positions would be 20 shares of Uber and two shares of Tesla. We would consider them both equally great investments!

Remember, depending on the price of the stock, it is absolutely okay to buy just one share of a company.

Rule No. 3: Build your positions over time.

When we send a trade alert for you to buy a stock, if many readers decide to buy, this can lead to an increase in the stock price. This is why, oftentimes, you’ll see stock prices higher than what the range in the trade alert indicates. Be prepared for this to happen.

One way to combat this is to build your position over a few days, weeks or months — depending on your marker for how much you plan to invest. So, when we send a buy alert, you can simply invest a small amount of money in the stock, wait for the stock to “bottom out” or settle itself over time, and then buy more shares.

While we can’t guarantee that the stock will come back to its price before the trade alert, this will, generally, still give you a better average entry price for your position.

Timing your buys is a key factor for successful investing.

When the market opens, the big institutions are the ones that make up the most trades. These big-money buyers can significantly bid up the prices, which could negatively affect our returns if we buy at the higher price.

To offset this, we want to come in when the prices for small buyers are optimal. This usually happens between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., and that is the time we suggest buying into your positions.

To that end, never buy more shares than you set for your equal-weight marker in Rule No. 2.

Rule No. 4: Take profits on the way up.

We can never be certain that we are seeing the biggest gain a stock will experience. Similarly, we can’t be certain if those gains are temporary or will hold for a while.

Because of that, we want to take advantage and profit when we can. News cycles, politics and many other things can affect great companies and bring down the gains. No stock ever goes up in a straight line.

It’s important to take small profits on a stock’s way up, without selling your entire position. That way, you’re able to shield yourself of the market’s volatility while using the market as a means to an end.

Find what matters to you: a down payment on a house, a vacation, a new car, private school or your kid’s college tuition. Sell 10%, 20% or even 30% of a position, and put these gains toward the things that make you happy.

When it’s time to sell your entire position at the market, I will let you know. Until then, it’s OK to sell just a small percentage of your shares.

Rule No. 5: Keep cash on the side.

Emotions are investors’ kryptonite. It’s the No. 1 reason you don’t get the gains you want, deserve and that I want you to have.

Keeping cash on the side serves as your emotional security blanket when the market is especially volatile.

When you have what I like to call a “cash buffer,” it brings comfort to know that you still have funds not tied to the market. It will help you get through the bad periods and reach the big gains.

More specifically, it makes you less eager to sell out of your positions during those short-term dips in the market — which are usually the moments when you want to have Strong Hands and stay in. That way, you profit BIG when the “weak hands” who sold their positions rush in and bid the stock back up.

For most people using this service, having a cash position of 10% to 30% of what you can invest as a cash buffer makes it easier to stay in when the market is down.

Volatility is both a normal and sometimes necessary function of the market. And following these rules of the investing game is one way to guarantee safe and smart investing no matter the market climate.

Profits With Purpose

Now, you have a lot of options when it comes to investing the Bold Profits way (unless you want doom, gloom, old-world … then you’re out of luck).

From microcap to IPOs to crypto and everything in between, we’ve got something for you.

I can even plot out an investing journey for you. If you’re a beginner, I would start with Profits Unlimited — our flagship America 2.0 portfolio. In this multi-cap service, you get recommendations with a deep dive on how they fit into our investing strategies in our monthly newsletter.

When you’re ready to take on a little more, we have our “next level” portfolio True Momentum. It’s a bit riskier, but Paul and the team target gains up to 300% or higher in three to five years.

From there, you can try out some of our more speculative portfolios: Extreme Fortunes and Paul’s Secret Portfolio.

To our more specific targeted strategies for options, cryptos and IPOs:

  • Rapid Profit Trader.
  • Rebound Profit Trader.
  • Crypto Flash Trader.
  • IPO Speculator.

We also have a very limited 100X Club. It targets the tiniest microcap stocks with the potential to skyrocket 100-fold — which means they move FAST.

It also means we can’t open up this service to everyone. We only open it up for 1,000 subscribers at one time because even 1,000 people buying into these stocks can cause them to move up out of the buyzone.

Which is why this exclusive service isn’t currently open to taking on new subscribers, but our Strong Hands Nation will get the first spots once it opens up again.

Bold Profits is about YOU. You can determine your level of courage and taste for investing. And we will be here to help you on your journey. We’ll provide you with ideas and our opinions based on our experience and vision for the future. But you captain your ship and decide how you’ll invest your money.

This Babe Ruth quote keeps popping in my head: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

If you want my advice…

2022 is already taking shape and it’s going to be an incredible year. The team laid out stellar predictions for you in the new year — the New Digital Gilded Age.

And I predict: You’ll want to be IN!

That’s a wrap for your Bold Profits Confidential! If you’re not subscribed to our Bold Profits Daily email, for SHAME! Just kidding. But really, what are you waiting for?

Sign yourself up for amazing FREE daily content from the whole team — videos, written updates, stock and ETF recommendations, exclusive free reports, contests. Plus, this awesome newsletter you just finished.

Click here AND share it with your friends and family.

Talk to you all next time!

Live long and prosper,

Jay Goldberg

Jaclyn Frakes-Jones

Your Friendly Neighborhood Managing Editor, Bold Profits Confidential

P.S. Do you have any of our Bold Profits portfolios? Or do you plan on upping your investment game in 2022? Let me know below if there’s any more information I can get you to help.

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