6-Figure Portfolio? You Gotta Earn It

Alright Nation. It’s time to stretch those Strong Hands muscles.

You know how it’s done … like this:

This week, we’ve been showing you why it pays to hold your stocks.

The proof behind our strategy such as:

You’ve heard from us. Now take a look at what one of our awesome members of the Strong Hands Nation has to say:

Hi Paul, I am the reason you started Profits Unlimited. I am a single 73-year-old great-grandmother. I am BOP about your ability to bring us profits. I got into Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) at $18.12 and cashed in enough at its high of $155 to pay off my new car! 

When the crash of 2020 happened, my portfolio lost half its value because of my own stock picks that are still in my portfolio, but because I joined you in 2017, I had enough of your recommendations to bring my portfolio back up, and ended up 3X higher by the end of 2021 in spite of my own losers. It feels great to have six figures in my portfolio, thanks to you.

My family is amazed at how well I am doing, I tell them it is all thanks to you Paul! I know I could be doing even better if I sell my old loser stocks, but they do give dividends that I use to buy into your picks.

I am great at Strong Hands, it is the selling I have trouble with because I am too loyal and see them as my babies. It was hard to sell some of my AMD but I’m happy my car is paid off.

(If you ever want to know when to get into a stock, just tell me to buy them, and sure enough, they go lower after I purchase them, and you could get them at a great price. No fooling, this happens every time! It’s become a joke in my family. Yet I still end up profitable thanks to you, (AMD is an exception) and it felt so good for a chance to take profits on AMD at its high!).

So, tell people it is not the short term it is the long term they should be judging in Profits Unlimited, hang on and enjoy the ride!

I can’t thank you enough Paul. 

Cheers, AJG

Thank you for sharing AJG! You are a superstar!

We know, this market is for the birds.

It’s painful, but we’ve been through this before. To make big gains over time, the market will make you earn it.

Flex those Strong Hands muscles, keep your eyes ahead on the prize and stay in!

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Your Bold Profits Team

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