4 Stocks on the Blacklist (for Good Reason Too!)

The most dangerous stocks to own right now?

In our opinion — America 1.0 stocks.

There are dozens of blue-chip companies and long-standing brands that people bought for years. They were the “safe havens” to own.

Now … they are destined for ZERO. And they earn spots on our Blacklist.

As Paul says: the speed is unknown, but the destination is zero. Turns out, the speed is creeping up on us every day. Here are four that are already showing signs:

Here’s why:

Blacklisted America 1.0 stocks

(Read the full thread for more reasons this is good for growth.)

If you’re investing for real growth and gains, stick with America 2.0.

Find out how to unlock the full Blacklist of 100 stocks you should sell today — yes, 100! All the details for you are right here.

Keep reading for the stocks that will disrupt the old and steal America 1.0 market share…

America 2.0’s Destination: UP!

  • Buy the Dip for the Metaverse? The “digital world” called the metaverse is projected to reach $800 billion by 2024. Here’s an opportunity for you to buy the dip. It’s like having a 70% stock price discount.
  • 3D Printing Is Ready to Rocket UP. And you’re going to see people come in and bid up our stocks — like 3D Systems (DDD) and Proto Labs (PRLB).
  • Tesla Upgrade: Are You Invested? Imagine the possibilities and opportunities that will arise from the adoption of self-driving technology.
  • ARKK to Dow 100K? See How… ARKK is filled with America 2.0 plays that are ripe to reap huge returns. And that’s exactly what it will take for the Dow to make its six-figure surge.
  • Growth Stocks, BTC, TSLA: Post-Fed Surge. Now that the Fed has shown their hand, we’ve seen the market’s next move. It’s very clear. Our hand is the winning hand.


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