3D Printed Homes and Appliances Coming

For one man in Texas, America 2.0 means living in a home of his own, instead of on the streets.

It’s been a crazy year. But really incredible when you look at it this way.

You can actually see America 2.0 at work firsthand and not just on a stock chart.

2020 changed the way we do everyday things and it really pushed our America 2.0 technologies up to the forefront.

For me, I saw the shift firsthand. And a sign for the move from the Dirty Dow to Dow 100K.

It all started with an oven…

You see, I bought my first home.

Now, I hear you. What’s the connection here with homes, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and an oven?!

It really boils down to a throwdown between an America 2.0 tech vs. a Dirty Dow old-world way of life.

3D printing vs. Home Depot (NYSE: HD).

America 2.0 is coming out on top! It’s taking us closer to our Dow 100K prediction and I’m going to make sure your portfolio is ready to rake in the profits.

3D Printing Homes: America 2.0 Investment

During my mostly virtual house hunt, I saw a number of Internet of Things gadgets I wanted to install around my home.

Like the camera doorbell that streams straight to my phone to see packages and visitors … to the smartphone-connected thermostat to monitor heat and air from anywhere … to all the smart appliances!

I was able to buy most of these things online, but when my oven broke I decided to hop in my car and head to the do-it-yourself capital of America, Home Depot.

However, it took two months for Home Depot to deliver because of supply chain issues.

I’m sure I’m not alone. There’s been a serious restocking problem that started last year when the world shut down.

But it still got me thinking of the disruptive change that is set in motion right now.

More people are becoming homeowners right now. Even the once homeless man I mentioned above. One contributor: 3D printing.

According to Aniwaa homes, houses that are built using 3D printers are roughly 30% to 55% cheaper to build than traditional methods.

One company, ICON, says it can build a 650-square-foot 3D-printed home for $10,000.

That’s extremely impressive, when just the foundation and framing of a 2,600-square-foot home is $80,000.

I mention this because building materials make up a third of Home Depot’s sales.

With drastically lower building costs for homes, 3D printing will likely cut into Home Depot’s sales growth — ultimately lowering the demand for Home Depot’s shares and dragging down the Dow.

This could result in its replacement in the Dow Jones. Which would be good for us.

But 3D printing is a mega trend that I see pushing the Dow to 100,000. And you can profit now on the way up.

Get the Biggest Gains With the Top 3D-Printing Stocks

3D printing is forming America 2.0 in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Across Paul’s services, he has recommended 3D-printing stocks that have turned into triple-digit percentage gains. (See details about his No. 1 3D printing stock here.)

That’s incredible.

Now, I want to share an easy way for you to tap into the 3D growth.

I’m talking about The 3D Printing ETF (BATS: PRNT).

This exchange-traded fund (ETF) is filled with different companies that are revolutionizing the space beyond just homes.

Bioprinting, 3D-printed rockets and 3D-printed food is just the start.

I believe 3D-printing tickers are likely to make their way into the Dow — ultimately taking it to the 100,000 target I have.

Right now, PRNT is over 130% above its 52-week low. This is a great sign this mega trend is seeing a lot of demand coming in to bid up these stocks.

By dumping Home Depot and turning to 3D printing, I believe you are likely to lock in massive gains to boost your portfolio for the years to come.

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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